SuperPlay, a casual gaming company, initially started with just one game in their B2C portfolio. When I began working on their website in 2021, the gaming industry was booming, and they were expanding to become a gaming platform. The challenge was to rebrand from a single-game focus to a broader platform identity, even though new branding materials were unavailable.

To address this challenge, my team and I embarked on a rebranding journey. We retained some elements from the original game while introducing a more generic and versatile design that could represent SuperPlay as a gaming platform. This design adaptation allowed us to create two distinct website designs.
I love working with artists from all different areas - like photographer. WOW is a photography company that specialises in wedding and that is the first thing needed to be seen when you enter the website. We worked together on their goals and needs for the new design of the website. I went with a clean and elegant design - just like a wedding.

Two Different  Versions

The project resulted in two dynamic website designs, successfully transitioning SuperPlay from a single-game company to a gaming platform. This transformation set the stage for future game releases while maintaining a cohesive and adaptable brand identity.

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