Mach1 is a small delivery company that straggling  in a our digital world. There is so many great apps and services  for deliveries  today and its hard to stand out.
As we meet them we discover  that a big portion of the market are random personal customers that looking for a quick one time delivery.
At that moment, our job was easy, we just needed to simplify the quake delivery register process...
We (at Richkid Studio) made the scratcher of the website as well as the design and the developing/coding part, but the hardest part was the user experience flow.
It is an Onboarding 4 steps flow that have to be as simple as it cold. Evry step along the way mast be clear and understandable. No more than 5 steps total, Short test and instractions and the user have to know in evry step how long more he need to go.

Brief -  Deliverydetails needed

2 types of users, casual user and members.
Members have an outsource platform for delivery.  
- Where to pick up the delivery (origin address, city only - automatic completion)
- Where to deliver the shipment (destination address, city only - automatic completion).
- Time frame selection - 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours. (must cancel time frame that is not possible).
- What is delivered: envelope, package, carton. Adding a detail tool tip that defines each size.
- Interested in round trip service. Checkbox question mark icon that will bring up the following text "For example:pick up an envelope from the office, send to the bank and pick up documents of the bank back to me at the office".
- Disclaimer and terms of use – accepted with Checkbox.
Parts - Pickup/Drop
for Pickup full address and time,  for Drop full address and time
*important – add floor numbers for both parts-Additional contact person (not a mandatory field) - Both, collection and delivery.
- Pick up date and time "Pick up the shipment starting from:"
- date and time "delivery delivery delivery to destination starting from:"

Summery and conformation
“Round trip” service - yes/no-      
Collection and reception times.
-       1. Delivery pickup details:
-       2. Delivery details:- The type of shipment, the type of content Notes and details.

Payment details and conformation

last part – Thank You massage
Importing fetcher
Time Clock, IL Jerusalem time.
Address step, user session time limit- 12 mints. When time is up – pop up a massage for restarting the clock.

Price Should be reflected at all time

Buttons need 3 type of states – idle, hover, disabled
The design had to be smoode and fun. It 's needed to feel simple to use.
Thank You For Scrolling :)
See it live here