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During my tenure with the Richkid design team, I had the opportunity to collaborate with prestigious brands, and one standout project was our engagement with Nespresso, a prominent player in the corporate world.The project's focus was the redesign of the mega menu for Nespresso's image and e-commerce website. Despite its relative size, this task held significant importance. To start, we conducted an extensive site mapping exercise, gaining invaluable insights into how users interacted with the platform.

After consulting closely with the Nespresso marketing team, we decided to implement menu changes selectively, targeting specific departments due to time and budget constraints. Our research highlighted the need for a dynamic and modular menu structure that could be adjusted, primarily focusing on category changes, at any given moment.


Catagorys and Goals

Building a modular grid for mobil & desktop

Desktop - final design

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Ultimately, we wrapped it all together with the fresh Nespresso branding. This redesigned mega menu caters to both mobile and desktop users, accessible from any web browser.

This project tackle complex design challenges, collaborate effectively with clients, and create adaptable solutions that align with brand identity.

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